Monday, June 30, 2008

Trip in Pictures

For those who are interested in some of the trip highlights, here is a pictoral recap!

The JSIFS Road Trip 2008 Begins. Note the smiles all around (Sarah has already found Muffet's dress-up box, and is loathe to leave it behind.)

While the grown-ups are chatting over dinner, these Three Musketeers did their level best to give the other diners indigestion. (Kate's well-behaved daughter and her spotless pinafore on right.)

Sarah actively resists the pigtails Mom wants to put in her hair ... except the "unicorn" tail in the middle of her forehead. DMR (A.K.A. "Big Sarah") tries to put a positive spin on things. Looks like it's working. (Two seconds later, all pigtails were OUT.)

Heidi and Mark Shea mug for the camera at the Catholic New Media Celebration. (Though I'm not given to gushing, I'd have to say meeting Mark was one of the highlights of the event for me, along with meeting the CE/Canticle/CM crowd over Italian margueritas the night before ...)

Day at Lake Altoona with my parents and youngest sister (and her brood). The view from the porch in our cabin was the perfect combination of trees and lake.

A nearly perpetually contented Meredith contemplates the SPF in the sunscreen. Five minutes later, she is decidedly LESS contented when she drops her hat in the lake and gets her toes sandy. Poor M.
At this point, my camera seems to have gone on strike. There are NO shots of the tire incident, visit with Kitchen Madonna, or my sister's house. I think I was feeling a bit shell shocked, to be honest. So I'm hoping Sarah has those pics to share. I'll just finish up our tour with a shot of my partner-in-adventure ... who looks amazingly svelte, don't you think?

Last day in Norfolk at Virginia Beach before the Twelve-Hour "Midnight Madness" trip home begins. Like I said ... we're still friends!

Thanks, Sarah, for joining me on this wild adventure. So where we going next summer?


Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Thanks for posting your adventure! I would have been there in a heart beat, but duty called at home! I'm so glad you had a great time.

Maybe next year!!

God bless and hugs,

Ebeth said...

It just sounded fun....that's about all I thought about as your trip transpired. Fun for everyone...including those reading about it!

Thanks for sharing! Maybe next summer, you'll shoot over to the NC coast and pick me up! I've got at least one babysitter here who could play "nanny" a night or two!


Sarah Reinhard said...

I DO have pictures of those "strangely missing" segments, Heidi, and I'll share them...eventually. My to-do list seems not to have been lessening, despite a week having passed since our return. Not sleeping doesn't help, I suppose. :)

Next year? You can really think that far ahead???

Thanks for putting up with us too, Saxton Crowd! :)