Saturday, June 21, 2008

JSIFS: Day Two (Florence, KY to Atlanta, GA)

Day Two: Florence KY to Atlanta GA
Miles Covered: Non-stop travel from 8:22 a.m. to 6:38 p.m., followed by dinner at Tony Carino's in College Park.
Weather Outside of Van: Fair to moderate; heavy traffic congestion in some parts of 75. Brief patch of stormy weather.
Weather Inside of Van: Amazingly temperate. Thank God.

(Pictured, top row L2R: Pat Gohn, Heidi Saxton, Kate Wicker, Sarah Reinhard, Stan Williams. Bottom row L2R: Tracy "Sister Spitfire", Baby Wicker, Lisa Hendey, Sweetie Wicker, and Mary Kochan. Not pictured: Two little girls who shall remain nameless, and who were singlehandedly attempting to level the place after ten hours in the car. Also the very tall Italian Margarita I was sipping all night to fortify me for the night ahead.)

Today was undoubtedly the most difficult day of travel that we have planned this week. Not counting potty breaks and leg-stretching opportunities, we were on the road ten hours today. Thankfully, the kids took a good nap in the mid-afternoon, which gave them energy for our get together that evening.

Blogging is a lot like online dating: You get to know someone really well (ideally) on the inside before you get to match up their outsides with their insides. After three years of working with these talented, articulate ladies (and Stan too, of course, though not as long), it was a tad surreal to have a chance to actually meet these women: Kate Wicker and Tracey "Sister Spitfire," Mary Kochan and Pat Gohn ... and, of course, Lisa Hendey. Each of us had successes and opportunities to share.

By the time dinner was over, the girls were bouncing off the walls, so we had to call it a night without breaking open the pound cake. At least in public. When we got back to the room, however ... well, that was something out. We broke out the good tea and poundcake and fancy teacups, and debated breaking out the Mikes as well ... But then, there IS such thing as too much of a good thing!


Ebeth said...


How fun!! What a treat to get to meet so many of the wonderful people we have all become friends with.

Give Sarah a hug for me!! Well, I can't wait to hear all the details of this wonderful event.

In the meantime, I'll be working on the next Catholic Carnival.


Kate Wicker said...

I really wish we would have had more time to chat; however, it was such a blessing to finally be able to meet you, Sarah, as well as your lovely children in person.

Now let's all work on spreading the Good News.

God bless you, Heidi!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for putting the dinner together - it was one of the biggest highlights of my weekend! Too bad we can't to it once per month! Lisa

elena maria vidal said...

How brave you were to drive down there! Thanks for sharing your reflections about the Celebration! It looks like a great time! Wish I could have been there!

Pat Gohn said...

What a great night! Thanks for getting us all together!

I'm swiping the picture since I wasn't as together as you to actually remember to pack my camera!

Keep up your great work!

Unknown said...

I'm home!! It was so good to get to meet you!

Leticia said...

Thanks for posting the picture, it's the next best thing to being there. Maybe I'll make it next year.