Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Success Story: "Behold Your Mother"

This has been a hard week ... VBS and getting ready for a week-long trip at the same time. Predictably, today I was struck with a migraine, making my outlook that much brighter.

As always, God came through for me. When I got home, I found a note from my online publicist Cheryl Malandrinos, with an unsolicited (my favorite kind) review of "Raising Up Mommy."

This is a woman who reads piles of books for a living ... and even though it wasn't part of her job (she did a great job of promoting "Behold Your Mother," but I hadn't hired her for my other book yet), Cheryl found time not only to read RUM, but write about it. She writes...

As parents, I believe we all suffer through moments of self-doubt. This past Sunday was Father's Day. After getting four hours of sleep, I crawled out of bed and began getting me and my girls ready for church. Services were followed by a trip to McDonald's for lunch and the rest of the time was spent trying to make it a relaxing day for my husband and entertaining the kids, while attempting to complete household chores.

By 9:30 PM I was ready for some down time, but my daughter couldn't sleep. To say that I was less than sympathetic would be a major understatement. I still had several things to do--which included frosting cupcakes to bring into school the next morning--and I wanted the kids out of my hair so that I could get my work done and jump into bed before 2:00 AM.I told my daughter that she had to stay in her bed and try to sleep. After she called me several more times and an exasperated and angry reply came her way, I told her she could read for a few minutes. Eventually she drifted off to sleep and I breathed a sigh of relief...until she woke for a second time, claiming she had a belly ache.

Once again, my state of exhaustion and the late hour left me more concerned with getting my work done than in coddling my child. After several terse moments, I agreed to rub her belly and again she drifted off to sleep. In the hours that followed, as I struggled in a distracted state to complete my work, I knew that I was an uncaring, insensitive mother who failed to put her child's needs ahead of her own.

Turning off the power on my laptop, I reached for Raising Up Mommy and shut the light off in my office. I brewed a cup of tea and slid into a bath of steamy water to ease the tension.Heidi's words touched my heart as she shared what it was like to become an instant mommy to her foster children. It changed her life, and admittedly, Heidi wasn't always prepared for the demands her new role placed upon her. The "Mommy Monster" came out and she struggled with a way to tame it.

Thank you, Cheryl, for taking time to tell me your experience. For those who want to place an order, click here.

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