Monday, March 09, 2009

10 Things to Do With Thin Mints: Win a Free Box!

So ... I'm staring at two cases of Thin Mints in the back of my trunk, wondering how on earth I'm going to unload the things. I was a cookie selling champ when I was a Girl Scout, but times have changed. Twice when we knocked on a neighbor's door, they slammed the door in my seven-year-old daughter's face with a curt, "Not interested!"

What in God's green earth am I going to do with all these cookies?!

Let's have a contest! Submit your tip to me for the best, most creative way to use Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies by Monday, March 16. Winner gets ... a free box of Thin Mints! (Offer good in the U.S. only.)

1. Indoor S'mores: Put a Thin Mint on a microwave safe plate. Top with large marshmallow, then another cookie. Nuke for 20 seconds, or until marshmallow explodes. Cool and eat.

2. Thin Mint Shake: Put 1 C milk, 1/2 C frozen yoghurt or ice cream, 6 Thin Mints and a couple drops of peppermint flavor. (Drop of green food color optional.) Whirl in blender, and serve.

3. Crush cookies and sprinkle on ice cream.

4. Tea Party Tasties: Have a tea party with the little girl in your life, and serve TMs on a fancy china plate.

5. Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches: Put a tablespoon or so of your favorite non-fat frozen yoghurt between two cookies, and freeze until set.

6. Minty Parfaits: Alternate layers of chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, and crushed TMs in parfait glasses. Top with a whole cookie. Elegant!

7. Emergency "Snack Duty": (You know, when you were supposed to bring snack to a gathering or classroom function, and forget? Or does that only happen to me?) You might want to put a 10-pack of small water bottles back there, too ... for the same reason.

8. Happy Face Treats: Pipe little faces and hearts on each cookie with royal icing, and tuck them in lunch boxes to remind your kids (and their dad) how much you love them.

9. Hostess Gift: Wrap a box in foil and tie with a pretty green bow for your next St. Patrick's Day party!

10. Freeze, Louise! These things taste GREAT frozen ... stock up in March, enjoy all year round!


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

11. Hide them from your kids! I suggest slipping the box into the top of the box of bran cereal. Kids will never look there!

12. Smash them up (put them in a baggie and smack them with a rolling pin until crushed) and make them into a pie crust. Add a layer of softened chocolate-chip-mint ice cream. Pour some hot fudge on top of the whole thing.

Hélène said...

Your number one and Barb's 12 sound the best. I was going to suggest breaking them up and using them as a mix-in for ice cream, but you already have something similar. You could freeze them and whenever your children's school or CCD class has a party make cupcakes and squish the cookies on top of the frosting.

ashley said...

Crush Thin Mints into a basic brownie mix turning your normal basic brownie into a deliciously moist mint chocolate brownie. In the pan layer brownie batter, then layer crushed thin mints, then the rest of the batter on top. The Thin Mints will melt into the brownie and will taste heavenly!
For adults only... Take frozen Thin Mints, break the cookies in half, and dip the broken edge into your liquor of choice (ice cold vodka, Bailey's, Captain Morgan) allowing capillary action to draw the liquor into the cookie. Eat and repeat.
Deliver a box (or more) to your favorite priests or religious. I have two to take to the Dominican priory for Easter.

ashley said...
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MightyMom said...

uh, EAT THEM!!! you silly silly girl!!!!!!!!

I can't believe you still have some. our box was gone in a flash!!

we put them in the kids' lunches for their desserts for oh a week. you know..till the box was gone!

we also used them as earned prizes. TT in potty...get special chocolate cookie! you can also crush them and swirl in a cheescake with chocolate syrup.

I've seen em used in a drink too....was a frozen/slushy kiddie mint julep...lemme think....I don't remember what the main liquid was but it was topped with whip cream and a thin mint and had crushed ones in the drink part.

Sarah - Kala said...

Use 'em to BRIBE your husband to help with some chores around the house (that only a man should do: the windows, the cars, light fixtures).