Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sometimes I Need a Little More Faith

When Christopher came out of his room this morning for breakfast, he had a little book clutched against his chest. "What's that, Buddy?" I asked.

He held it up proudly. The Holy Rosary. "It's for Show-and-Tell," he said.

"Umm..." Brilliant. Part of me was tickled that my son takes his faith so seriously ... and part of me knows that it could present problems for him to bring this particular book into a school as ethnically diverse and federally funded as his. "Why do you want to bring it in?"

"Well, this is the week that Jesus died, right?"


"And this is the week that Jesus rose from the dead, right?"


"And I want to be sure my classmates know about that."

"Right. Let me just be sure your teacher says it's OK."

On our way to school, I tried to prepare Christopher for the worst. Maybe he could do a report on how people of all different faiths pray, and include the rosary as one example. Maybe he could do a report on different religious leaders, and talk about Jesus that way. Christopher didn't like any of those ideas. He just wanted to bring in his book, and tell his classmates about Holy Week.

Teacher said that as long as Christopher is reading about it at home, he can bring in his book to show his classmates during circle time. God bless charter schools!

I guess I need a little more faith sometimes.

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Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

I'm so glad that he was able to bring it in!