Friday, November 14, 2008

Today at EMN: "The Adoption Mystique"

In my last article about anti-adoption advocacy at "Catholic Exchange," I mentioned a book by Joanne Wolf Small entitled The Adoption Mystique. I review it today at EMN ...

I also want to take this opportunity to apologize to Ms. Small for associating her with those who are seeking to abolish adoption. The issues surrounding adoption are complex, and the different sides of the triad often shout over one another. I should have listened more carefully!

Although I doubt the CE review hurt her book sales, there are enough misunderstandings in the world of adoption that I need not add to them. I appreciate her taking the time to comment on my article. (I'm putting this comment here on my blog for those who may not see it at CE, where I will post it as well.)

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MightyMom said...

I came here rather than EMN as there's too much going on over there.

Here's my deal. I don't see an adoption stigma in America. Not anymore. No more do folks whisper "shhh she's adopted" if they speak of it at all. Now we have grandmothers proudly showing pictures of grandbabies they're anxiously awaiting the arrival of from across the globe....6 months before they get here. In our parish we had a fundraiser to help a family adopt a Chinese girl....raised $28,000.

This book may very well have been relevant 10 years ago, but not today...what is it's copywrite date?

Hold tight for me, my MMM post will be coming your way this weekend, all about giving thanks for the blessings found in puke. (all 3 kids been sick this week)