Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah at "My Wonderful Life" gave me something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving... check it out!

According to the rules, I have to post six things that make me really happy ... and pass it on to give six more people a reason to be thankful! (And not the least bit irked that they've been sucked into yet another meme.)

So... here are my six things:

1. A clean house
2. Finishing a home-improvement project with Craig
3. Acts of spontaneous generosity (especially from my children)
4. Christmas caroling
5. Tea with the girls
6. Puppy kisses

Now ... as for the tagging part, I'd like to "tag" any new readers/followers on this blog. Drop me a note with your link when you get it done! Blessings, Heidi

1 comment:

Therese said...

cool meme. I will do it tomorrow.