Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gillian & O'Malley: Why "Cheap" is not always good.

I don't like to shop for clothes. Whenever possible, I do it online -- saves the hassles of the crowds, the lines, the irksome music. Once or twice a year, I "gird up my loins" and hit Target to buy essentials (and try not to pass out when the bill ... well, reflects the fact that I only do this once or twice a year).

Yesterday was one of those days. I had to get a few essentials ... including the support variety. I had just been measured at Curves last week, so knew my exact size. Then I found this "Ultimate" line of Gillian & O'Malley for about $10, and was so excited about how soft they were I bought 2.

That's $20 I'll never get back. After only a day, I'm walking around with this welt on my ribcage, even though (a) it fit fine in the store and (2) it was precisely the same size as my other bras (which do not leave welts).

Soft, shmoft. I'm going back to Playtex!


HappyAutisticMama said...

I hate clothes shopping, too! I go once every year or two, around Christmas time, usually while on vacation with my mom, who enjoys it and keeps my spirits up.

MightyMom said...

I hate shopping period. and clothes shopping for myself is torture....although at least I no longer have to go into THAT section of the store now (just barely)...might explain why my youngest is 18 months old...hasn't breatfed since the beginning of Jan 08 and I'm still wearing nursing bras. ;-)

katpants said...

I love clothes shopping, but that's beside the point.

Good, comfortable bra for $9.99!
Found at Walmart (I know) but you can probably get it anywhere else they sell Hanes intimates. Oh, or here:

It's flexible for any activity, but supportive and does not budge - no slipping, no shifting, no constantly adjusting. It's wonderful.