Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Day is it Today? Lemonade Day!

Thanks to my friend Sarah, I've been awarded some Lemonade . . . in a week where there have been a few lemons to squeeze!

Yesterday had another bright spot as well: Lunch with five church ladies, who gathered at my house to consume mass quantities of tea and salad and chocolate pound cake. So civilized . . . and it infused my spirit as well!

One of them commented that she was teaching her daughter about hospitality -- how to set a table, treat guests, etc. -- and her child wanted to know why we practice hospitality. Yes, she knew about the "entertaining angels unawares" verse. But why do we do it with folded napkins?

Personally, I think we do it because the civility of the experience reminds us of the goodness and beauty that can be had in daily life, even when the rest of our lives have bouts of clutter and frustration. (I had been up to four a.m. that morning trying to finish this Bible story book project, and nearly fell asleep in my salad.)

Went to bed at 8:30 - right after the kids were down. Now it's 4:11 (a.m.) -- up with the dog who was scared of the thunderstorm -- but when I counted on my fingers I realized that I still had nearly seven hours of sleep! Woo-hoo!

Think I'll go get another cup of tea to celebrate. With lemon(ade), of course!

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