Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Best Argument Yet for Mutual Consent ...

"The Proper Adoptee" attempted to make the following comment in response to my last post. (In the past she has accused me of "lying" about her previous comments to me, so this one I am simply running verbatim.)

"Jesus wasn't Adopted by Joseph you liar. Was Jesus denied His bloodline? Was Jesus denied knowing who His Real Moteher was? Was Jesus told He could NOT know who His Mother was? THAT IS ADOPTION. You Pro Adoption Catholics are going to burn in hell for all the lies you tell. For how you refuse to forgive to get what you want. And I can't wait. I know Jesus will let me hear and watch you scream in the fifth realm and I CAN'T WAIT. Birth Mother Privacy IS A LIE AND YOU KNOW IT. And even if birth motehr privacy was real, which it is not, it is also CHILD ABUSE FOR ANY MOTHER TO NOT LET HER CHILD KNOW WHO SHE IS, and you support that? Yeah, you would because you are the devil."

If you were this woman's mother, would YOU want her to show up on your doorstep without warning? Doesn't the mother deserve at least a say in whether she wants contact?

At what point does the "need to know" turn from a need ... into an unhealthy obsession? Clearly, this is an expression of great pain ... and yet, it also raises the issue of why birth mothers may have concerns about being pulled into an emotional vortex like this one, after having already experienced the great pain of relinquishment.

This woman doesn't know me. Perhaps that makes it easier to use me for target practice. On the other hand ... imagine how her birth mother would feel to be on the receiving end of this kind of vitriol?

(This is also a good example of why I moderate all comments on my blogs!)