Thursday, August 07, 2008

On Birthdays

Today I am forty-something. Never you mind how many somethings. I didn't tell the lady today at "Curves," and I'm not going to shout it out into cyberspace, either.

Craig has been gone for almost two weeks, and the kids have noticed (I had a few days with him in Sacramento, but he worked most of it). I know there are husbands who are away from home much longer -- my neighbor's husband has been serving in Iraq since May. I have no right to complain. But I'm going to anyway. Hey, it's my birthday.

The kids are doing their best to make it a happy birthday, anyway. I have a whole stack of "Hapy birfdy Mommy" cards, with mermaids and superheros by the dozens. Sarah is insisting on going shopping for a cake with candles later. I'll probably let her pick it out, since she'll be eating most of it.

There are bright spots. Another neighbor came by this evening to mow the lawn. All three acres, bless him. Tomorrow I start my personal goal of exercising three times a week (under supervision) with the hope of losing 20 pounds by Christmas. It all came to a head a few weeks ago, when I got a fun portrait done for my husband for our anniversary, and I did not recognize the woman staring back at me from under all those chins.

Twenty pounds by Christmas, God help me. And before the end of the year, I'm going to get my WHOLE living room painted. Maybe the dining room, too.

Hey, I have to do SOMETHING in that room that doesn't involve eating. Might as well beautify the place.

I want my husband home. Have I mentioned it's my birthday?!

Happy Birthday to Me!


Jane (a.k.a. patjrsmom) said...

Dear Heidi,

A very Happy and Blessed Birthday to you! I hope the time passes quickly until your hubby is home--a belated birthday celebration of sorts!

God Bless You today and always,
PS-the 40s are the new 20s! ;-)

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Happy birthday! I hope your husband will be back home soon. Blessings for a happy and healthy year ahead!

Maria SA said...

Happy Birthday!

I found your blog about a month ago and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

(I am a Swedish christian woman in my 40's living in Sweden with my family - husband and 3 internationally adopted children. I recognise the joys and heartaches of being an adoptive mum. I have really taken the term extraordinary mum to heart ... after a wonderful, long summer when especially one of our children worked so hard on her attachment to us.)

Keep on writing, please!

Therese said...

Happy Birthday Heidi.

My husband was recently away for 12 days with our older three children at WYD. I missed him so much so I know what it is like. I couldn't imagine having my birthday in the middle of his absence.

I hope your day was wonderful anyway.


Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

Happy birthday!

I understand feeling blue about not being with your husband. I know all about military absences and wives, and I don't know how they do it. The longest we have been apart since we've been married is five or six days - and that was sooo hard!

Kitchen Madonna said...

Happy belated birthday and many years!

Can't imagine being away for one night much less 2 weeks.

Angels around you, and your husband, and your precious children.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Happy birthday my friend!!! Sending you hugs and baby drool (as she wiggles around)!