Sunday, March 16, 2008

Toledo Zoo: Where Virtual Friends Become "Real"

After almost a year (I think) of virtual friendship through our blogs, I finally got to meet one of my favorite online buddies, Sarah Reinhard, this weekend at the Toledo Zoo.

Even the lizards looked mildly amused... Almost everyone who came within a 50 yard radius of our clamoring clan was, in fact!

Little Meredith is an amazingly good-natured child who didn't complain except for when the strange lady put a big hat on her little bald head that kept slipping into her eyes. Then she looked like this...

Thankfully, peace and equilibrium was soon restored when mom topped her off in the Reptile House, giving Sarah and Elizabeth a chance to chase each other a bit.

Yes, all in all my favorite way to spend the day at the zoo ... strolling with a good friend.

Thanks, Sarah! We'll have to do this again real soon!


Sarah Reinhard said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures you didn't include! Too bad we didn't get a picture of those lovely mugs you brought. I'll be talking about that for days and months to come...drinking tea out of beautiful china mugs at the zoo! :)

Sending you Monday hugs!
- Sarah

uncle jim said...

I bring / take people to or recommend the Toledo Zoo to all comers ... as well as the Museum of Art ... as well as the Catholic Cathedral - and I live near Indianapolis [but grew up in East Toledo].