Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sarah Gives Thanks...

We've been up since six. Sarah wanted to get a head-start on her turkeys. Each multi-colored feather is labeled with an "attitude of gratitude" that begins: I am thankful for my mom and dad and __________ (brother, toys, baby sister, etc.)

Yesterday Benita, the school secretary, greeted me with six words guaranteed to stop me in my tracks: "Guess what your daughter did today."

It seems Benita was taking around a group of prospective South Arbor moms, and met Sarah in the hall on her way back to class. "What's new, Sarah?" Benita asked my daughter.

Sarah's face lit up. "My mom is having her BABY tomorrow! I'm going to have a Baby Sister, Meghan!" she announced. Sensing she had an audience hanging on her every word, Sarah launched into a heartfelt monologue, giving chapter and verse on how happy she was to be a Big Sister. "If I hadn't known you," Benita chuckled, "I would have been absolutely convinced she was telling the truth." She paused. "You're not having a baby tomorrow, right?"

Every person in the office stopped talking. The principal popped his head out of his office. Dana, the other secretary, stopped talking.

"Not tomorrow, sorry. Sarah's been asking for a baby sister or brother for some time, and I told her to talk to God about it. But at this rate, I'm pretty sure I know what the answer is - I've caught my limit!"

Yes, my daughter can be very convincing. I just hope one day she'll use her gift for good!

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