Monday, October 13, 2008

Join the EMN Carnival!

Do you have a favorite mom in your life? Biological or adopted -- someone who has (by word or deed) taught you important lessons in motherhood? At the Extraordinary Moms Network we will be honoring these women during our monthly EMN Carnival!

The EMN Carnival this month is going to honor these women. Send me your entry by October 20 and enter a drawing for $25 cash and (if you have the EMN button on your blog) a free copy of my book Let Nothing Trouble You. In case you don't already subscribe to my monthly newsletter -- to rectify this situation, drop me a line at hsaxton(at)christianword(dot)com -- here's the original announcement:

The month of October is replete with the feast days of Extraordinary Moms well-known to their “spiritual daughters.” As with most mothers, we learn most not just from what they say … but how they lived. (Of course, many of these dear saints were also very wise… St. Therese of Lisieux, patroness of missions (Oct 1), and St. Teresa of Avila, patroness of migraine sufferers (Oct 15), were so articulate in faith that they were pronounced Doctors of the Church. (If you’ve never dipped into “Interior Castle” and would like to start with an “easy reader,” check out my book Let Nothing Trouble You: Reflections from the Writings of Teresa of Avila, which is available through my website: (It’s also available at, if you’re not particular about the autograph.)

Next month’s Carnival contest: My Heros. Who is a woman who taught you an important lesson about motherhood? Write about her on your blog … and send your link to me no later than October 20 at First place winner receives $25 plus a free copy of Let Nothing Trouble You. C’mon, you Extraordinary Moms … share your secrets!
Can't wait to read your stories!

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