Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mom Alert: Adoption Carnival Ahead!!!

The Adoption Carnival is in town ... right here at Mommy Monsters, Inc! The suggested theme is (drum roll ...):

What I Wish I'd Known About Adoption
(but didn't think to ask)

If you'd like to submit an entry for this week's carnival, here's what you do:

1. Write (or select) a blog post that more-or-less fits the theme by Monday, 9/17.
2. Send me the following information by e-mail:

Your Blog's name
Your Blog's URL (address)
Post name of the article you choose
Post URL of the chosen article (Permalink)
A short description of your article (just a sentence or two)

3. When the Carnival is posted (sometime the first week of November), please post a link to the Carnival to your blog, so others can enjoy it, too!
4. Wanna host? Click contact Suzanne at chndlrs(at)msn(dot)com or click here.

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