Friday, June 01, 2007


Today on my Streams of Mercy blog, there are two posts that may interest you.

The first is a miracle. Gabriel Sullivan's cancer seems to be going into remission with inordinate speed! Praise the Lord! Read about it here.

The second is a piece I wrote that will appear sometime in the near future on CatholicExchange. But you got to read it here first! I put this on the "Monster" blog because I think this message about the Jesuit priest has a special application to mothers. It offers us an opportunity to examine our own hearts, and see what longings are present that need to be offered back to the One who knows best how to fulfill each one.
In the article, I do not mention an "inordinate longing" that kept me emotionally stalled for nearly five years. It involved a broken heart, and my inability to let go of that individual. Longing turned into bitterness, creating a hard place in my heart that took many years to soften enough to be ready for the real gift God had for me: my husband Craig. For other women, it is their dreams of motherhood.

These "spiritual calluses" -- hard, angry places that linger on the soul -- are a sign that there is something disordered that we need to offer back to God. The best place I can think of to do that is in the sacrament of confession.

May God grant you the desires of His bountiful, merciful Heart!

Blessings-- Heidi

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